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2015-2016 KSCA Board Members

POSITION                      NAME                            EMAIL
President                            William Skaggs                 
Past President                    Mary Fry                    
President Elect                   Susana Prochaska    
Executive Director              Lynda Scrivner          
Secretary/Treasurer           Amy Hoover              
Elementary VP                   Tara Walrod              
Middle VP                           Melanie Watson        
Secondary VP                    Angela Salava                      
Post Secondary VP            Judy Hughey             
Advocacy Chair                  Bob Kircher               
Awards Chair                      Marvalee Collins       
Grad. Student Chair           Samantha Strate          
onsultant                Kent Reed                 
Technology Chair               Jessica Adair             
Membership Chair              Cristi Wightman         
Publications                        Matt Hallauer             
We are always looking for great school counselor leaders!  Let us know if you are interested
in leadership on the state level!  It is a great way to expand your network of school
counselors across the state and has many benefits.
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KSCA could not have become the organization we are today without the foundation
of our previous presidents.  Marcus Garvey wrote, "A people without the knowledge
of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots."  As a state we
have a rich history of school counselor leaders in KSCA.  A big thank you to all for
their previous service.  

1965-66 Margaret Epps                                                   
1966-67 Margaret Epps                                                            
1967-68 Margaret Epps                                                
1968-69 Nadine L. Stallard
1969-70 Nadine L. Stallard   
1970-71 Paul D. Fairbank   
1971-72 Ruth A. McLean  
1972-73 Victor E. Bland   
1973-74 Geraldine M. Kinkaid
1974-75 Buelah M. Brown
1975-76 Janis Brown 1975-76
1976-77 Robert W. “ Bob” Hiebert
1977-78 Curtis A. Stubbs   
1978-79 Cathy Conger   
1979-80 Linda Carol Schwartz  
1980-81 Larry Bays   
1981-82 James D. Wilson   
1982-83 Juli D. Elson   
1983-84 Mark D. Erickson  
1984-85 Dennis R. Boepples  
1985-86 James L. Rodman  
1986-87 Michael L. Hickel
1987-88 Sydney L. Sauer   
1988-89 Norma J. Shoemaker  
1989-90 William E. Desbien  
1990-91 Olga-Jean “Jean” Zion
1991-92 Helen Anderson   
1992-93 Rae Gundersen   
1993-94 Randy Burwell   
1994-95 Barbara Buck   
1995-96 Larry Dreiling   
1996-97 Susan Johnson  
1997-98 Chelle Tedrow  
1998-99 Phyllis Cobbs  
1999-2000 Paulette Brunskill
2000-01 Rhonda Williams
2001-02 Terry Holman  
2002-03 Linda Scrivner   
2003-04 Lyndel Adams
2004-05 Patricia Neufeld  
2005-06 Jim Flax   
2006-07 Val Beikmann   
2007-08 Kris Burkholder
2008-09 Debra Woodard
2009-10 Kim Urenda          
2010-11 Lori Mitchell
2011-12  Marvalee Collins
2012-13  Kristin Wright
2013-14 Marcie Faust
2014-15 Nadine Bailey
2015-16  Mary Fry
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